The Link Between Social Media and Depression

The use of social media websites has caused many adults to suffer from depression, and the reason is clear. The amount of time people spend on their social networking profiles is much more than time spent in other forms of media.

The amount of time that people use their social networking pages is directly correlated with how depressed they are. In fact, people who do not spend a lot of time on social media sites are just as likely to be depressed as those who spend a lot of time on them.

This is because the amount of mental activity that social media sites require of their users leaves little time for offline activities, and when you don’t have time to do things that you enjoy, this is bound to affect your mental health.

How Does Social Media Increase Depression And Loneliness?

There are several reasons for this. The first is that depression can lead to social withdrawal, which is another by-product of being depressed.

However, social media sites offer many forms of social interaction, some of which can reduce or even eliminate social isolation.

 The second reason is that depressed people tend to isolate themselves from others. They do not have many friends and end up spending most of their time alone, sometimes for years.

How Loneliness Is Misinterpreted By Social Media World?

Loneliness has several negative effects on health. When people are lonely, they tend to suffer from a lack of sleep, are more susceptible to illness and have lower self-esteem. Social networking sites allow for people to get together in a shared space, where feelings of isolation are lessened. This can be very good for the health of a person who is isolated, especially if they participate in social media.

In addition, social media has changed the way people interact with one another. This is because social media allows people to discuss issues in a way that it was never possible before.

For instance, chatting online about a common interest or a problem can often help people overcome depression and loneliness. This can be very good news for those who feel lonely or who have difficulty talking with people in person.

How Social Media Sites Cause Depression?

The reason that social media websites cause depression is not hard to see. It is all about time spent on the computer or smartphone, which in turn leaves little time for offline activities like visiting friends and family.

It is a vicious cycle that cannot be broken unless the user makes some drastic changes to their lifestyle. If you do not believe us, ask yourself this question – do I spend too much time on the computer?

The computer has become a central part of our lives. Almost everyone now uses a computer at home, work, or school. With the rapid growth of social networking websites such as Facebook and MySpace, it has become much easier to interact socially with people from around the world.

Unfortunately, the social networking revolution has also resulted in a major rise in the number of people with depression who seek help from Internet chat rooms and online support groups. When people with depression seek help for this problem, they often do not receive the kind of treatment they were hoping for.

Association of Depression with Social Media

Why it is that depression – or even mild depression – can be associated with social media? There are a number of theories, but the most widely accepted explanation is that depression – like many other disorders – occurs when a person’s life is affected by changes to their physical health and environment.

As we have mentioned before, social media allows people to interact with others on a very intimate level. This intimacy can often lead to deep feelings of friendship and trust. Unfortunately, this friendship and trust can sometimes turn into dangerous feelings of infidelity.

When people are depressed, they are usually afraid to express their feelings and they find it difficult to form relationships. They may try to isolate themselves as much as possible in order to avoid putting themselves out there in a big way.

They may also withdraw from activities that make them feel good about who they are. All of these actions can have devastating effects on a person’s mental health.

How Internet is Responsible?

Why is it that the Internet can make all of these things worse for someone with depression? Well, one reason is that depression is seen as a “social issue.”

Many people think that depression is caused by a person’s inability to function normally within their social circles – as if they aren’t part of the “knit” that everyone knows and trusts. So if you’re not part of that group, then obviously your depression is caused by social media.

Another problem with thinking that depression is a social issue is that it leads to other harmful beliefs – such as the idea that those with depression somehow deserve it. While the fact is that many people do have difficulty coping with depression, that doesn’t mean that they deserve it.

In fact, people who suffer from depression and use unhealthy coping mechanisms know that they are doing something wrong and that they need help to overcome their depression, but society tends to look down on them and this leads to other negative beliefs about depression that are just as detrimental as the depression itself.

Should We Stop Using Social Media?

It is true that social media has contributed to the rise of depression, it doesn’t mean that people should stop being social on the Internet. The Internet has amazing capabilities that will bring people together.

There are countless stories of people who met and fell in love online before going to their respective weddings or taking their vows. There are friendships that have lasted a lifetime and have people living in this very day and age where they talk about the good old days and laugh about the bad days.

Don’t judge people by their appearance – judge them by the true beauty that the Internet has to offer.

Meanwhile, social aspect of social media sites also contributes to depression and loneliness. One of the many ways in which social media sites worsen depression and loneliness is through its “notification” system.

If you are connected to social media site friending someone, it will automatically send a notification to all the people in your network informing them about your friend’s recent update or activity.

This form of notification can lead to depression and loneliness. It is because you feel like your “friends” do not want to see you; they are busy or are not interested in what you are doing.

A sad note is that although you might be able to see the changes in your friend or love life because of social media, this does not mean that their depression and loneliness will subside.

You may find that the person who was your friend before has become distant due to the changes in their life. The sad part is that you did not notice these changes before!

Downside of Social Media

One downside to social media is that people can take it quite seriously. If a person is feeling lonely, but they add on a few posts about how great they are doing, this can have some serious consequences.

They could get depressed and lose all hope, believing that nothing can improve their situation. The Internet can also have the same effect. A person could believe that the problem is so severe that there is nothing that anyone else can do to make them better, when the truth is that they can be doing anything if they are willing to put in a little effort.

So, although social media is good for bringing people together, it can also lead to a decrease in mental health and a decrease in loneliness.

Although it seems unlikely, depression and loneliness can lead to more severe health issues and should be treated as soon as possible. If you are feeling depressed or lonely, see your doctor or social worker. Together you can find the help that you need to get better.

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