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Carisoprodol is a famous muscle relaxer medicine that primarily blocks the pain sensation between the brain and the nerves. Doctors prescribe it to cure skeletal muscle conditions for instance injury or pain. One should take it along with physical and rest therapy. It is among that medicine that is taken for short periods. Doctors generally recommend Carisoprodol for up to 2 to 3 weeks because after that its effectiveness level comes down. The other reason is most of the skeletal muscle injuries can be easily treated in a short duration.

Things You Need to Know Before Taking Carisoprodol

You should avoid taking Carisoprodol if you are allergic to meprobamate or if you have liver disease, seizure, kidney disease or porphyria. Porphyria is a genetic enzyme disorder that affects the nervous system and skin.

It is still unknown whether Carisoprodol can harm the unborn baby. If you are pregnant then you should tell your doctor about it so that he can give you better advice.

If you have already given birth to a baby and your baby is in the breastfeeding process then you should avoid taking Carisoprodol as its effect can pass through breast milk and it may cause drowsiness in breastfeeding baby.

Carisoprodol should not be given to anyone who is younger than sixteen years old. Apart from that, older adults also need to consult their doctor as they are more open to their side effects.

How Should You Take Carisoprodol?

You simply need to follow the prescription to take Carisoprodol. It is a habit-forming drug. Misusing can cause overdose, addiction or death. Apart from that, make a note that giving it away or selling Carisoprodol is totally against the law.

According to general prescription, one should take Carisoprodol three times a day and your course of taking this drug should not exceed the limit of two to three weeks. If Carisoprodol is not benefiting you in any way then you need to talk to your doctor and share your condition.

Side Effects of Carisoprodol

Common Side Effects of Carisoprodol: drowsiness, anxiety, sleeplessness, numbness of the hands, feet, and around the mouth, nausea, irritability, sensation of spinning, face is hot or warm to touch, unsteady & shakiness walk, redness to face, restlessness, unable to sleep, discomfort or pain in the chest, throat or upper stomach, heartburn, deep or fast breathing with dizziness, trouble sleeping, trembling, unsteadiness, or other problems with muscle coordination or control, fainting feeling of constant movement of surroundings or self, nervousness, vomiting, dry mouth.

Symptoms of Overdose: inability to move the eyes, unusual facial expressions, loss of consciousness, weakness of the arms and legs, hallucinations, blue or pale lips, fingernails, or skin, change in consciousness, sticking out of the tongue, uncontrollable eye movements, headache, confusion as to time, place, or person, muscle stiffness or tightness, blurred vision, difficult or troubled breathing.


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14 reviews for CARISOPRODOL 350 MG (SOMA)

  1. riox
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    I got my pill just in fewer times and rates are very resalable.

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    Works amazingly! I got this at discount😊

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    Good product and over night delivery

  4. Josephine
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    Best medicine for Muscle pain….its really helpful to me.

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    I m suffering from chronic pain…suddenly i heard this medicine its really work good…thanks express mail pharmacy

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    carisoprodol is the best medicine of any muscle sprains…its work very fast to recover my our sprains

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    I m using this medicine for pain…effective for muscle relaxer and its result really good…

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    best pain medicine ever..its really work good great result.thanks express mail pharmacy

  10. Nia
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    best medicine of Arthritis pain…

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    It’s work really good on my muscle spams ..excellent wwork on my muscle pain

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    best medicine ever

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    this medicine really helpful to you recover my injury pain

  14. rox
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    best medicine for injury pain…

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